Vidicode Datacommunications

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About Vidicode Datacommunications
  • In today's workplace, Local Area Networks with internet protocols and access are required in every organisation with two computers or more computers. Everything from email to printing is network based. So it is only logical to route fax traffic over the network, too.

    The Fax Server IP makes network based faxing much easier. Built on existing network and internet technology, it makes installation and configuration as simple as plugging into your network hub or router, and providing your email address for routing faxes. So set-up costs are kept low.
Competitors of Vidicode Datacommunications
  • Dialogic Corporation

    The DM3 Fax Series includes both integrated T-1 and E-1 products and resource-only products. The integrated T-1/E-1 boards provide a span of fax processing in a single PCI slot. Fax resource products provide 24 or 30 ports and can be used with other Dialogic SC Bus- or CT Bus-enabled products....
  • Texas Instruments

  • Biscom

    Faxcom provides a client-server fax solution for workgroups. Users send faxes by printing them to a server, which then processes the fax request and sends the fax to Biscom's fax server. Faxcom sends faxes from within other applications or from Faxcom itself, and prints received faxes or routes...