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Buffalo, NY 14225
About Castel Communications LLC.
  • Founded as Communicator Asystance Systems in 1982 by four technologists in Beverly, Massachusetts, the company’s original goal was to offer business productivity solutions to the IBM midrange market (Systems 36 and 38). These solutions consisted of financial and distribution management packages as well as an early Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product which became the basis for a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product by the late 1980’s. The company was well known in the call center industry by the acronym CAS and the product known as Castel.

    Working closely with IBM and their new AS/400 product line, CAS became IBM’s top CTI partner by installing many integrated solutions utilizing IBM’s industry leading product known as Callpath. Partnering with IBM, CAS installed thousands of inbound and outbound seats with the NYNEX/Bell Atlantic market in New York and New England and used this great success to leverage many other sales throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific.

    By the late 1990’s, CAS management decided to develop an entirely new hardware and software CTI solution and began internal development of a new product based on a CISCO host programmable switch (Summa/4) as well as an all new software product which would ultimately become Castel Connects. By 2001 it became clear that the company could expand using its own cash flow so CAS went to the capital markets and brought in outside investors for the first time.

    In 2002, the investment was used to rebrand the company as Castel, and the product as Castel Connects. In addition, the investment enabled the company to develop new products and launch a strong marketing campaign which helped Castel emerge as a major player in the call center market. Over 50 sites were installed within 5 years in three major vertical markets – financial services (collections), telesales and telemarketing.

    In order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the call center industry, Castel determined that more products such as Digital Voice Recording (DVR), Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) and Intelligent Message Delivery (IMD) would need to be developed and introduced to the market. Meeting these critical needs demanded additional resources. Castel brought in seasoned technology veterans and moved the company headquarters to Buffalo in order to ensure that Castel’s products and services would continue to lead the industry in innovation and deliver the highest level of productivity.
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Products by Castel Communications LLC.
  • Castel Compass™ - Business Intelligence Center

    Castel Compass Business Intelligence Center (Real-Time Dashboard) allows you access to real-time key performance indicators at any given time throughout the day. The dashboard is an easy-to-use graphical interface that may depict multiple key performance indicators in a single view. Users may... Read more
  • Castel Detect™

    Castel Detect™ brings your business the ability to IMMEDIATELY monitor and detect the presence and frequency of words, phrases, emotions, and talkover. PREVENTION - Ability to monitor and detect words, phrases, emotions and talkover and provide immediate voice analysis to agents and management... Read more
  • Castel Tracker

    Castel Tracker Digital Voice Recording (DVR) allows you to make recordings of all agent calls automatically. Whether for compliance, training or customer satisfaction, recording and archiving all agent calls is a necessity in today's contact center environment. Read more
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