Products in the Call Center Marketplace

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  • Talent Management By Richardson

    Richardson’s Talent Management solutions encompass consulting, diagnostics, and measurement to help you understand the abilities and weaknesses within your sales organizations so that you can deliver results aligned with your business strategy and market promise. We take a more holistic... Read More
  • Tech Support Calling Cards By TREC Global

    Inbound and Outbound On Demand Blocks These prepaid rates allow customers to prepay and take advantage of larger volume cost benefits, even if you don’t have enough volume in a month to reach the next discount level. Advantages of this Plan: • Lower cost • You can use them over... Read More
  • Technical Call Center Support By TechTeam Global

    Multi-lingual outsourced technical support for your customers 24x7x365 in 32 languages. Benefit from our best practices approach to IT service management, and scalable best-shore delivery that cuts costs without the quality sacrifice. Read More
  • Technology Acquisition By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    After the cost of a labor, technology is the largest cost component of a call center budget. Call centers can be very technologically dependent: ACD/platforms and switches, call recording, WFM, IVR, predictive dialing, chat, email management, knowledge management to name but a few. But which... Read More
  • Telemarketing Telemanagement By Quality Contact Solutions, Inc.

    Telemanagement is a term that describes the practice of managing inbound or outbound telemarketing programs for clients that outsource them to one or more external service providers. Typically the telemanagement function is performed by an external third party that has 100% responsibility for... Read More
  • The Expert's Guide to Customer Service By Human Technologies Global

    In today's economy, one key element for surviving is excellent customer service. This is a huge opportunity for you to significantly improve your customer service, and stand out among your competitors. This is not the time to 'wait and see.' Action is an absolute requirement! Don't shoot... Read More
  • The ServCloud By Servion Global Solutions

    With over 600 clients across 6 continents, Servion can assists organizations to run completely on the cloud. It is a highly scalable platform that can handle 100’s to 1000’s of agents and provides business intelligence analytics for achieving successful customer interactions. ServCloud can be... Read More
  • Top 100 Call Center Contest By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal, along with The Center for Customer-Driven Quality, invites you to participate in our 16th Annual Call Center Benchmarking Study, which will feature a new "Top 100 Call Centers" Contest for centers located in North America. The Center for Customer-Driven Quality™ (CCDQ), founded... Read More
  • Toshiba By TELECO, Inc.

    TELECO is Toshiba's largest customer and only distributor of Toshiba telecom products, and we have been for over 30 years. Whether you need a pure IP, server-based voice communication system, or a converged IP voice communication system that also accommodates the connection of digital... Read More
  • TransAction™ By Mayline Company LLC

    TransAction's design is refined, durable, and highly intelligent. For optimal space and cost utilization, dual- and single-sided workstations use a starter/adder system with shared legs. And running the entire length of all systems is our Technology Trough, which smartly conceals and allows easy... Read More
  • Triton By Simplified Telephony Solutions

    Triton™ is a powerful versatile Service Delivery Platform, used both for development and deployment of communications services. Triton combines the power of a graphical Application designer and a Runtime environment with strong integration of SS7 signaling, Video 3G and Video Over IP technology... Read More