Products in the Call Center Marketplace

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  • LeadMaster By LeadMaster LLC

    LeadMaster has been providing affordable web-based Sales force CRM and Lead Management solutions since 1998. The LeadMaster application features robust marketing automation features for campaign management, lead nurturing and email marketing. LeadMaster’s multi-tier lead management makes it an... Read More
  • LeadMaster Direct Marketing By LeadMaster LLC

    LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams through its web-based LeadMaster solutions. The company's online application closes the loop between marketing and sales by combining sales force automation, marketing automation and virtual call center capabilities.... Read More
  • LeadMaster Lead Management By LeadMaster LLC

    It's easy to see how leads can get lost on the long trek between lead generation and closing. Things get complicated when hundreds of leads - some hot, some cold, some lukewarm - require lead tracking all at the same time. This is when disconnects can occur in the leadmanagement pipeline causing... Read More
  • Lifesize Video Conferencing By CMS Communications

    See the Difference Since delivering the world’s first HD video conferencing product in 2005, LifeSize has continued to drive universal video collaboration with groundbreaking products that have changed the way people and organizations work together. True-to-Life, Face-to-Face Interaction To be... Read More
  • Live Web Chat By Bright Pattern, Inc.

    Offer your customers the convenience of web chat. It can lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and significantly improve online revenues. And, because it supports effective multitasking, chat can considerably reduce per-transaction costs, and your customers will enjoy faster initial... Read More