Products in the Call Center Marketplace

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  • Define Sales Process By Richardson

    Richardson understands the complexities of today’s changing sales environment and works with clients to align the new realities with predictive measures of their success. Achieving a state of Readiness involves a measured approach to mapping an effective sales process, identifying leading... Read More
  • Digital Call Monitoring and Recording By ChaseData Corporation

    Using PowerNOW and Microsoft Silver Light technology, call center managers can listen to live recordings seconds after they’re made. Select which calls you want to hear based on criteria such as campaigns, reps, duration times and other factors. By listening to calls based on specific criteria,... Read More
  • Directory of US Hospitals By Institute for Healthcare Information

    This Hospital Directory includes hospital names, full addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, hospital services offered, total beds, name and title of senior hospital executive or administrator and over 5000 Website addresses. Unlimited use privileges in easy to use Excel format. Toll Free -... Read More