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  • Customer Service Analytics / Reporting Solutions By Amtelco

    Measure and increase your profitability with all the relevant analytics possible. Schedule reports to run when you need them. Being accountable and credible means having precise, accurate statistics and reports. Infinity’s Unified Reports allows you to report on a myriad of factors. Reporting... Read More
  • Call Center By Telegrupp AS

    Call center software for Cirpack-Thomson-Technicolor Softswitch. Features include: - Flexible Hunt group formation - Quality monitoring - Multi Site service - Skill based hunting groups - Agent statuses (Busy, At work, Post Call Processing, Ready, Available, Alert) - Integrated IVR (outgoing... Read More
  • Call Center Agent Software By Amtelco

    Amtelco's Call Center Agent Software Solutions include: Infinity IS (Intelligent Series), featuring many powerful applications, which allow you to handle the high expectations of today’s clients who demand fewer operator errors, flexible call handling and message dispatch; Soft Agent The Soft... Read More
  • Call Center Assessment By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal's Journey to Excellence program is catered to those centers that have not met the criteria for call center certification. We develop a customized consulting & assessment program over a 12 month period to improve your call centers effectiveness & efficiency. We help you balance... Read More
  • Call Center Benchmarking Surveys 12 KPI & 22 KPI By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    Our call center benchmarking surveys are the easiest way for a call center to benchmark themselves against peers in our database of thousands of call centers. BenchmarkPortal, has collected key performance indicators from thousands of contact centers worldwide, creating the world's largest... Read More
  • Call Center Books By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    Only two centuries ago, early explorers (adventurous business executives of those bygone days) were guided primarily with a compass and celestial navigation using reference points like the North Star. Many current executives use our call center benchmarking tools as navigation for their call... Read More
  • Call Center Campus By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    The BenchmarkPortal Las Vegas Call Center Training & Networking event gathers the top Certified Centers of Excellence, Industry Experts, CCCE Alumni, CCCE Course Attendees during the week, & the team from BenchmarkPortal to explore benchmarking and beyond. This unique opportunity is unlike any... Read More
  • Call Center Certification By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    As the customer service call center has become the most vital interface between a company and its customers, it has become critical that the call handling process be conducted both effectively and efficiently. Many companies now want a "third party" opinion regarding how well their call center... Read More
  • Call Center Consulting By The Connection Contact Center & Consulting Services

    Operations, Workforce Management, Technology, Quality Management Read More
  • Call Center Designer By Portage Communications

    Call Center Designer™ is the best, Erlang C based staffing, prediction, modeling, and analysis tool for your inbound call center. Call Center Designer was created to solve the unique problems of staffing and managing small or medium sized inbound call centers. Thousands of call centers... Read More
  • Call Center Due Diligence By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    The BenchmarkPortal due diligence team is led by Bruce Belfiore, a graduate of Harvard Business and Law Schools, and a former M&A professional with investment banks in the U.S., London and Milan. He was a Series 7 license holder, and a member of the SFA in the United Kingdom. Bruce has written... Read More
  • Call Center Industry Reports 12 KPI By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal's Industry reports, America's richest source of call center information. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up to date research. Our 12 Key Performance Indicator Industry Benchmark Reports include a more limited number of metrics, which include those derived... Read More
  • Call Center Industry Reports 22 KPI By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal's Industry reports, America's richest source of call center information. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up to date research. Our 22 KPI Industry Benchmark Report contains contact center best practices that reflect the aggregated responses of contact... Read More
  • Call Center IVR Assessment By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    For most companies, the Call Center is the main point of customer contact, and as such, the Call Center plays a crucial role in the overall value and success of the enterprise. Many upper-level managers are starting to realize how their profitability and the public’s perception of their... Read More
  • Call Center Management Certification Training Course By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    The College of Call Center Excellence offers one of the most highly regarded Call Center Training programs in the country, led by the industry's top-rated instructors, with over 150 years combined experience. These courses will equip you with the skill set that you need to improve your call... Read More
  • Call Center Online Training Courses By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    The College of Call Center Excellence offers one of the most highly regarded Call Center Training programs in the country, led by the industry's top-rated instructors, with over 150 years combined experience. These training courses will equip you with the skill set that you need to improve your... Read More
  • Call Center Operations Consulting By Quality Contact Solutions, Inc.

    Leave your headaches to the Call Center Management experts. Quality Contact Solutions will design the right call center solution for you. From evaluating your existing in-house call center to providing specific guidance for improving performance, the QCS team of experts is fluent in customizing... Read More
  • Call Center Outbound & Collections Benchmarking By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    We have recently launched two new ongoing databases, for collections and for other outbound functions. The highly informative reports will help you compare your operation to others in your industry on investment efficiency, results efficiency and quality. We will bring the same rigor and... Read More
  • Call Center Outsourcer Assessment By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    Too often companies entrust their calls to outsourcers and then wonder if the outsourcer is as good as it should and could be. Conversations with the outsourcer, monitored calls and periodic reports do not always reveal everything you want to know about how your outsourcer is... Read More
  • Call Center Outsourcer Certification By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    Become Certified as an Outsourced Call Center of Excellence Today! BenchmarkPortal launches its Outsourcer Certification Program Call center managers seeking outsource partners to handle their calls want assurances that these calls will be handled efficiently and effectively. BenchmarkPortal... Read More
  • Call Center Peer Group Benchmarking By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    Compare your call centers performance against its industry peers and see where you compare and how to improve your call center! Researchers at BenchmarkPortal, in conjunction with the Center for Customer-Driven Quality™ founded, have been collecting call center performance data since 1995.... Read More
  • Call Center Quality Assurance Certification Training Course By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    The QA and Monitoring Workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the elements that are crucial in building a well- planned program that meets the strategic needs of the organization. Those goals and/or needs may be: Cost Oriented, Service Oriented, Sales Oriented or Market... Read More
  • Call Center Response® By Aledium Call Center HR Services

    Aledium offers a full suite of call center recruiting and staffing programs and services that that fall under our Call Center Response Program®. We cover every aspect of your call centers human capital needs and requirements. Whether your call center is customer service, inside sales, technical... Read More
  • Call Center Services By Emenac Call Center Services

    Our agents at Emenac Call Center Services not only provide your clients with the right information, but connect with them resulting in improved relationships and retention rate. With us, your business can go one step ahead.We study your product, follow your demands and keep up to your standards... Read More
  • Call Center Services By The Connection Contact Center & Consulting Services

    Customer Service, Technical Support, Appointment Setting, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Lead Validation, Enrollment Services. Read More
  • Call Center Talent Program® By Aledium Call Center HR Services

    Aledium's Call Center Talent Program® is specifically tailored towards call center executive/management recruiting. One of the most significant challenges facing organizations today is the need to identify and quickly deploy executive and management talent at all levels in a call center... Read More
  • Call Center White Papers By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    These Contact Center White Papers represent a rich compilation of rigorous research and analysis conducted by Dr. Jon Anton, Professor and Director of Research at Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality, and other notable contact center industry professionals, addressing... Read More
  • Call Center Workforce Management Training Courses By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    CCCE’s call center training course for workforce management covers the entire workforce management process from the gathering of data to the production of forecasts, schedules, and budgets. We include lessons that benefit attendees from any sized organization, large and small, with real-world... Read More
  • Call Center Worldwide Industry Reports By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal's Industry reports, America's richest source of Call Center information. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up to date research. Our Worldwide Industry Benchmark Report contains contact center best practices that reflect the aggregated responses of contact... Read More
  • Call Centers By Voice Teleservices

    We offer clients a call center environment that maximizes productivity and sales performance for Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer programs. • Consultative Selling • Lead Generation • Appointment Setting • Decision Maker Qualification • Customer Acquisition & Retention •... Read More
  • Call Recording By Calabrio

    Calabrio Call Recording provides a solution to record all calls to meet regulatory or compliance requirements, for back office applications or to handle customer disputes. Calabrio makes the task of recording, archiving and retrieving 100% of calls more manageable. Organizations can choose to... Read More
  • Call/Contact Center Strategic Assessment By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    The Strategic Assessment is an essential ‘health check’ for your Contact Center. At Taylor Reach, we take a hands-on, “holistic” approach when our clients seek our assistance, examining all of the relevant aspects and elements of the Contact/Call Center related to our engagement. We uncouple the... Read More
  • Castel Compass™ - Business Intelligence Center By Castel Communications LLC.

    Castel Compass Business Intelligence Center (Real-Time Dashboard) allows you access to real-time key performance indicators at any given time throughout the day. The dashboard is an easy-to-use graphical interface that may depict multiple key performance indicators in a single view. Users may... Read More
  • Castel Detect™ By Castel Communications LLC.

    Castel Detect™ brings your business the ability to IMMEDIATELY monitor and detect the presence and frequency of words, phrases, emotions, and talkover. PREVENTION - Ability to monitor and detect words, phrases, emotions and talkover and provide immediate voice analysis to agents and management... Read More
  • Castel Tracker By Castel Communications LLC.

    Castel Tracker Digital Voice Recording (DVR) allows you to make recordings of all agent calls automatically. Whether for compliance, training or customer satisfaction, recording and archiving all agent calls is a necessity in today's contact center environment. Read More
  • Cisco IP Phones By CMS Communications

    Take full advantage of converged voice and data networks while retaining the convenience and user-friendliness you expect from a business phone. Cisco Unified IP Phones can help improve productivity by meeting the needs of users throughout your organization. Advanced media endpoints in this... Read More
  • Cloud Predictive Dialer By Five9, Inc.

    Predictive dialing boosts agent productivity by up to 300% Five9 provides the market-leading hosted predictive dialer to automate your outbound calling campaigns and boost productivity up to 300%. In any industry, when you regularly make outbound calls to your customers and are looking for ways... Read More
  • Cloudscape® Hanging Baffles By Acoustics First

    Cloudscape® Baffles are an economical way to reduce sound pressure levels and lower reverberation times in large spaces such as gymnasiums, theaters, restaurants, health and fitness clubs, etc. Reverberation times can be lowered from a RT60 of 4 - 9 seconds down to a RT60 of 0.5 - 2 seconds.... Read More
  • Cloudscape® Tiles By Acoustics First

    Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles absorb noise and block sound transmission. These ceiling tiles are designed to fit into existing 2' x 2' suspended drop tile ceiling grid systems. They may also retrofit in a 2' x 4' ceiling grid by installing cross tees. Cloudscape® ceiling tiles may also be ordered... Read More
  • Collaboration By Appia Communications

    Secure software based video and audio conferencing Read More
  • Comet - Hosted Contact Center By Simplified Telephony Solutions

    Comet allows you to deploy an interactive call-center solution with minimum setup effort. Where customer care matters and you are free to deploy your agents anywhere. Comet is the right answer for quality of service. Comet provides a comprehensive set of features for handling inbound and/or... Read More
  • ComLog digital voice recorder By CVDS Inc.

    With over 15 years of experience in voice recording, the CVDS ComLog Voice Recorder has the reputation of being one of the most reliable products on the market. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about, to give you a tool that you can depend on. Reliability is key. Every installation... Read More
  • Commute™ Seating By Mayline Company LLC

    A simple to spec solution for today's office environment. Fits users from small to tall, simply by leveraging the seat slider (standard on every model). Comes with either a mesh or upholstered back and black or chrome "kits" allow this design to adapt to any environment. All chairs standard with... Read More
  • Computer Headsets By Sencommunications, Inc.

    Designed specifically to capitalize on VoIP technology, these headsets utilize the latest technology to ensure crystal clear conversations through your PC. Read More
  • Consulting By Voice Teleservices

    Our consulting team offers over 40 years of combined experience developing and managing high performance call center programs for clients like Celebrity Cruise Lines, American Express, AT&T, Xerox and Pierce Promotions. We have extensive experience interviewing, selecting and managing large and... Read More
  • Contact Center Solutions By Zaida Communications Corporation

    Zaida Communications is a recognized leader in the delivery of contact center solutions. Click on the links to contact the company or visit the Zaida website to learn more about its contact center solutions and hosted/on-demand services. Read More
  • Contact/Call Center and Office Headset Solutions By VXi Corporation

    Contact/Call center products from VXi include its line of professional corded headsets, wireless headsets, amplifiers/dialpads, headset adapters, direct connect cords and other accessories that are the choice of many of the largest contact/call centers and offices around the world. VXi headsets... Read More
  • ContactQ By Braxtel Communications

    Contact Q is a powerful Open Source, Linux based Contact Center that will provide Powerful IVR for self service applications, ACD/Contact center, extensive live agent and supervisory displays as well as detailed and customizable management reporting. It has all of the experience of Braxtel... Read More
  • Conversation Bridge By Virtual Hold Technology (VHT)

    The VHT Conversation Bridge solution comes into play when customers reach a point where they need to speak with someone. The Conversation Bridge uses its connectivity to the contact center to determine if there's a queue, and tells the customers what wait time they can expect. The customer can... Read More
  • Corded Headsets By Sencommunications, Inc.

    Keep both hands working comfortably with a Plantronics® HW261N corded headset! Working with the latest in wideband VoIP technology, the Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband headset delivers the highest level of audio performance even in noisy environments. The SupraPlus Wideband helps overcome the... Read More
  • CSII™ By Mayline Company LLC

    You don't have to choose between furniture that lasts and furniture that looks good -- CSII delivers on both counts. It's built like a tank, with a rugged steel framework that wil stnad up to a lifetime of intensive use. Yet it's also aesthetically appealing, with clean lines and graceful... Read More
  • Curriculum Development - Agent Training By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    Training is an essential activity in each call center or contact center. Traditional training involves a trainer at the front of the room reading PowerPoint slides to the trainees. This approach we call ‘Sage on the Stage’ has been proven to be an ineffective way to train adults. The quality of... Read More
  • Custom Research By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    We have conducted hundreds of research projects since our founding and have assisted organizations to gain insights into the minds of the industry, their prospects and their customers. Our empirical approach leverages the hundreds of years of call center operations experience within the firm and... Read More
  • Custom Voiced Messages On Hold By Easy On Hold

    High Quality Messages On Hold Your Premium Production begins with a script that's written for the "ear", not a recycled brochure or "about us" web page. Customized by our creative team under your guidance, your message on hold will convey your personality, attitude and style; keeping callers on... Read More
  • Customer & Agent Satisfaction By BenchmarkPortal , LLC

    BenchmarkPortal's customer & agent satisfaction surveys are backed by years of research and data collection. Many of our certified centers of excellence continuously use these surveys to monitor levels of satisfaction. Our methodology and suggestions for improvement will help align the surveys... Read More
  • Customer Acquisition - Sales By teleNetwork, Inc.

    Customers are in a unique position today. They have more choices than ever and they listen very closely to your marketing campaigns and external recommendations. When they engage with your company to learn more about your products and services they expect your representatives to be experts who... Read More
  • Customer Care Recording for Call Centers By Accurate Always, Inc.

    Voxida call center interaction recording software from Accurate Always supports customer care clients and call center customers, helps in call center agent training, and is used in successful quality assurance initiatives. Capabilities include: monitor calls for quality assurance; record... Read More
  • Customer Engagement Services By SITEL Corporation

    Sitel provides contact/call center and customer care operations for inbound and outbound interactions with customers across 40-languages. It supports multiple voice and non-voice interaction channels throughout the customer life cycle of marketing, sales and service in an effort to recruit,... Read More
  • Customer Experience (CX) Evaluation By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    Taylor Reach will optimize your centers’ CX through observing, quantifying and benchmarking the customer journey as it engages with the Contact Center. We will use 12 key factors to determine the effects of Contact Center interactions from the customers’ point of view. Each factor is assigned a... Read More
  • Customer Experience (CX) Health Check By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    CX Health Check More than half of customer interactions occur in the contact center, yet most organizations don't have any real insight into this critical activity. Customer experience has a significant impact on satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Thus, customer experience delivered through... Read More
  • Customer Experience (CX) Snapshot By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    Customers are valuable assets. They are the reason we are in business. The ultimate goal is to present value in the propositions (good or services) you are offering that correlates directly to their beliefs and principles. Therefore, the best tool you can utilize in building stronger foundations... Read More
  • Customer Journey Analytics By Servion Global Solutions

    Customer journey analytics is the process of analyzing and mapping customer engagement and interactions with an enterprise through myriad channels and touch points. While this may be a formidable undertaking, it has been reported that companies which successfully navigate their customer journey... Read More
  • Customer Process Manager By Pegasystems

    Pegasystems' industry-leading SmartBPM suite gives organizations the power to align customer service processes directly to business objectives. Insurers deliver a comprehensive CRM experience with the Customer Process Manager (CPM). Its intent-driven service experience dynamically matches the... Read More
  • Customer Quality Reporting By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    Contact centers deliver services to customers and prospects by telephone, email, and chat. It is essential that organizations have insight into the quality of those interactions. The internal perspective is often delivered through a quality listening team which reviews contacts and scores... Read More
  • Customer Service By teleNetwork, Inc.

    Standing out in a crowded marketplace is something that companies struggle with every day. Identifying opportunities to delight and empower your customers can be the difference between building meaningful customer relationships or losing a customer’s business. Many organizations spend countless... Read More
  • Customized Sales Training Solutions By Richardson

    For over 30 years, Richardson has been working with leading global companies to help execute sales strategy and improve sales performance. In 2012, We trained over 75,000 professionals We created over 600 new customized programs We interviewed over 1000 senior executives We surveyed over... Read More
  • Cynergy CRM By U.S. Infotel Corporation

    Customer Support Software from Cynergy has been delivering successful Support Solutions to organizations like yours for over 10 years. We know what it takes to be successful communicating with clients and maintaining valuable information that impacts future sales and long term meaningful... Read More
  • Cynergy Help Desk Software By U.S. Infotel Corporation

    If your business depends on delivering first rate customer support, you need a Help Desk Software that is easy to use, affordable, but has features that make your service and support people effective. FOR A FREE DEMO GO TO: Dashboard for Cynergy Help... Read More
  • Cynergy Marketing By U.S. Infotel Corporation

    DRIVING INBOUND WEBSITE TRAFFIC is priority 1 at Cynergy Website Marketing. We work with businesses that maintain a web presence and want to increase their business as a result of inbound traffic and visitors. We have over 25 years of experience in the marketing business in bringing new... Read More