Products in the Call Center Marketplace

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  • Adaptive Skill Diagnostics By Richardson

    We have a variety of tools to diagnose the current skills of sales professionals and sales leaders. The results can be used for developmental coaching, individual training, and to provide leadership with insights into the capabilities of their sales organization. Read More
  • ADS-ON-HOLD® Rated Highest Quality On-hold Message in America! By Advertel, Inc.

    "Make Your Phone Bing!" this holiday season. While other on-hold services may offer jingle bells and greensleeves, all ADS-ON-HOLD(R) subscribers and their callers will enjoy the timeless favorites of Bing Crosby! Included are exclusive Crosby family interviews regarding this great 3-time... Read More
  • Adtran By TELECO, Inc.

    Our portfolio of business-class Fast Ethernet switching solutions is perfect for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) or multi-site enterprise networks. These solutions address today’s highest networking priorities, including bandwidth expansion, Voice over IP (VoIP) migration, and network... Read More
  • AgentTime By Portage Communications

    AgentTime™ Scheduler is the leading affordable and practical call center scheduling software solution designed specifically for small and medium sized call centers. AgentTime creates optimal schedules from your database of agents, shift definitions, agent availabilities, and agent requirements... Read More
  • AlarmTraq By Reilly Telecom Inc

    AlarmTraq™ is the leader in Proactive Remote Alarm Monitoring and Management for AVAYA™ Communications Systems. We go beyond alarm monitoring, we take corrective action. AlarmTraq will not only notify you of alarms it will attempt to remotely diagnose and resolve the problem, even before it... Read More
  • Alternative Work Schedules By BMS Shift Scheduling Software

    More and more organizations are adopting work schedules with longer hours and/or multiple shifts to meet extended operating hours. Business Management Systems, makers of Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software, provide a collection of commonly used fixed and rotating shift schedules on their... Read More
  • Altitude uCI™ By Altitude Software

    Altitude uCI™ was designed to speed up your operations, while simplifying the management of contact center complexity, since it increases productivity, reduces operational efforts, and, ultimately, raise customer satisfaction levels. As the name indicates, Altitude uCI™ unifies the management... Read More
  • Altitude vBox By Altitude Software

    Altitude vBox is based on Asterisk, the world's most popular open source telephony project, and was optimized by Altitude Software for performance, usability, reliability, scalability and direct integration with Altitude uCI™. Read More
  • Amplifiers and Cords By Sencommunications, Inc.

    When using a corded headset, don’t forget your must-have accessories! A headset amplifier gives you complete control over your corded headset’s volume and mute features. Read More
  • Audio Productions Services for Business. By I.O.S.

    Have you ever tried calling your office and asked to be placed on hold? Perhaps you don’t feel that calls should ever be put on hold... GOOD, neither do we! But the reality is that it's necessary from time to time for any number of reasons, such as; data-look-up time, personnel shortages caused... Read More