2Wire Inc

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1704 Automation Parkway
San Jose, CA 95131
About 2Wire Inc
  • 2Wire's ICS 2000 solution consists of a HomePortal 2000 gateway and three 2Wire Phone Port telephone adapters. HomePortal 2000 serves as the central unit for all communications flowing into and out of the business. HomePortal 2000 supports Ethernet, HomePNA phoneline networking, 802.11b wireless, or USB. In addition to the standard interfaces on the HomePortal 2000, there are two additional RJ11 jacks that allow for direct connection of two telephony devices to the voice network. Users can directly connect fax machines and phones that reside same room as the HomePortal 2000. A proactive firewall detects and defends against Internet hacker attacks. Phone Port serves as a digital adapter for the telephone. When a telephone is plugged into a 2Wire Phone Port, that telephone becomes a digital device with its own identity on the home network. Unique services can be assigned to that device, including new phone lines, times that it can be used, numbers that can't be dialed, or incoming calls permitted.
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