Voice-Over-IP Enterprise Gateways (7 companies found)

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  • Ingate Systems

    Ingate VoIP Survival: Ingate VoIP Survival secures full redundancy in a SIP-based hosted IP-PBX environment all the way out to the customer premise. It can be used with any hosted VoIP service, to serve as a customer premise backup to enhance the reliability and availability of a VoIP application platform.
  • Voip Studio

  • NEI

    NEI offers dedicated solutions ideal for enterprise communications that allow leading software development companies to quickly go to market and speed time to revenue. Technology vendors turn to NEI for reliable and robust platforms and services that address enterprise demands for many...
  • Aculab plc

    Aculab enables developers and systems integrators to develop high performance communications solutions. Products include media processing resources, ASR, TTS, VoIP, fax, conferencing and digital network access including SS7. Support is available to help developers through each stage of their...
  • RADirect

    IPmux-216: TDM over IP gateway. Run up to 16 x T1s transparently across Ethernet/IP/MPLS. Simple migration to IP networks.
  • Alternate Access

    Founded in 1993, Raleigh, North Carolina-based Alternate provides intelligent business phone systems to small-business and branch-office clients locally and nationwide. Their innovative phone system solutions help increase profits by boosting staff performance and efficiency, enhancing customer...